Click Translator

Click Translator 5.01.516

Instant translation between lots of languages

Click Translator is a fairly average – but functional – desktop translation app. View full description


  • Good language options
  • Define your own hotkeys


  • No configuration options
  • Boring interface
  • Limited features
  • Requires internet connection

Not bad

Click Translator is a fairly average – but functional – desktop translation app.

This translation tool offers a large variety of language options for instant translation, and it is easy to reverse your language pair, but it’s not exactly the best looking on the market. It’s also pretty low on configuration options – you can make the interface transparent, or minimize it to a mini-interface or the taskbar – but that’s about it.

Click Translator works with hotkeys. Define a new hotkey for each language combination, then highlight the text you want translated and hit the corresponding hotkey. To do this you may want to look at the online instructions. Your translation will appear in a speech bubble close to where the original is.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing very original about Click Translator. There are scores of free apps that do the same job with more configuration options and a nicer interface. Click Translator works, sure, but it’s really uninspiring, so if you need a desktop translation app, we recommend you keep looking.

Click Translator translates plenty of languages, but all in all it’s a pretty average app.

Click Translator is a tool that provides instant translation of your selected text in 12 major languages. All you have to do is to select text from anywhere on screen and with one keystroke you will get its translation in a balloon message. Click Translator removes language barriers across the World Wide Web and enables you to communicate in different languages with ease.


  • Translate text from anywhere on screen.
  • Translate is simplified as a single mouse select and a key press.
  • Define your favorite hot keys to trigger the translation.
  • Works with both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • Swap source & target language with a single mouse click.
  • Copy translations to clipboard.
  • Log all translations in a specified file.
  • Freeze current window and wait for translation result.
  • Transparent Window and Minimize to Systray (system tray).
  • Switch between normal GUI and simplified GUI.

Click Translator


Click Translator 5.01.516